About RJ (Robert James Palombo)

I love technology. You could say I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to tech. I’v been trying to take things apart and put them back together ever since I received my first Nintendo. Now I know what you are thinking – yes, I had Atari and ColecoVision too. For some reason I never took those apart.

I consider myself a “code monkey”. I love to learn new languages and keep up on what is current in the development world and try to join as many local meet-ups as I can.

Other than tech, I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 12. Sometimes I even find myself playing out at local venues or events. I love the outdoors (golf, kayaking, boating, etc..). Whenever I have free time and weather permits I try to make it out as often as possible. I’m also quite the Apple® nut. Almost all of my favorite tech gizmos including the one I’m writing on was developed by Apple®.

On to more boring topics; in my professional life, I’m a Solutions Architect with a proven track record in the architecture & development of enterprise level applications, expert level technical translation/communication skills, and the mentor, coach & management of high performing development teams. Some of my specialties include:

  • Salesforce.com Administration/Development (Certified Advanced Developer / Platform Developer II)
  • SalesLogix Administration/Development (Certified Web/Lan Developer)
  • Web Application Development
  • iPhone/iPad and Hybrid Mobile Application Development
  • WordPress Customization
  • Web Server Setup/Administration (IIS/Apache)
  • Network Design/Administration/Installation
  • Development/Scripting Languages: Java, Groovy, Scala, Swift, C#, APEX, JavaScript, JSON, XML, HTML5, CSS, VisualForce, SOQL, SOSL, SQL, PHP, VBScript, VB.Net, too many more to list them all…

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Thanks for reading!
-RJ (Robert James Palombo)